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Walk, Explore, Make….Chromatograms at the CORRIDOR project
BOOK NOW to explore soil health with an ecologist on the Galari/Lachlan river and make a Chromatogram with an artist in the studio at TCP.

About this event

WORKSHOP - Chromatograms, Plants, Soils and Field Walks

Join us for a day in the field with John Daly discussing the science of plants and soils located on the Galari/Lachlan river. After a picnic lunch, artist Sammy Hawker will facilitate a workshop located in the CORRIDOR studio in how to make a unique Chromatogram [view the top banner for a detail produced by Sammy]

Sammy explains the technique of making a Chromatogram as ‘facilitating the visual expression of vibrant matter, Silver nitrate reacts with samples collected from a site [organic matter] to form a complex mix of colours and shapes’ Each participant will create a unique image through this process.

The workshop aims to explore the connection between plants, water, nitrogen, carbon and minerals whilst participants learn how to improve and respond to their local environments through scientific investigation, data in the field and photographic experimentation

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May 14
10:00am - 4:00pm